Using IP Telephony and VOIP for Your Business : Why Does It Matter ?

Telephony over IP or VoIP is a mode of telephone communication where voice is digitized through the use of the internet connection. Today, many companies use this model of communication. This enthusiasm can be explained by the many advantages it brings over the old model. This article highlights the benefits of vee system.

Reduction of telecommunication costs

With the Aircall voip system, French and American companies have benefited from a reduction and better management of their overall telecommunications expenses. Please feel free to visit this site for more information. In addition, the creation of toll-free, national and international telephone numbers helps reduce the cost of long-distance calls. Therefore, opting for an IP telephony solution allows companies to considerably reduce the telecommunications bill.

Favorable maintenance and installation

Choosing an IP telephony solution like Aircall makes it easier to maintain, install and maintain telephone service. Using software-backed aircall voip, the business only needs an IP phone. The rest of the system is managed by the software.

Facilitates teamwork

By associating the user with an extension and no longer with a line, VoIP allows each employee to keep the same phone number if they are traveling or changing offices. This facilitates teamwork and ensures better communication between managers and their teams.

Many features

If French and American companies use IP telephony, it is also because of the many collaborative and calling features that compose it. Aircall offers, for example, call transfer, call waiting, e-mailing of messages recorded in the voicemail box, conference calling, viewing of incoming and outgoing call statistics and many other options. . In summary, Voice over IP solutions allow dynamic interaction between users on 2 Internet domains when a user wishes to make a call. Thus, calls can be made from anywhere to anyone, both to VoIP numbers and to PSTN numbers.