TikTok filter templates to make videos attractive

Tiktok filters are part of the photo or video editing systems to make the published image more attractive. The interesting difference between this filter and others is that the editing content can be added directly during recording. Thus, the environment can be enhanced according to your choice of decorative factor depending on the advertisement to be uploaded. However, Tiktok filters are available in several types at the user's discretion. What types are they?

Face animation

The animation face is one of the applications used to modify the content of a photo or video recording. It is one of the most commonly used TikTok filters at the moment. In reality, this filter applies much more to the face of the person taking the video. It consists of adding decorative elements on the user's face or around the face. The content to be used for enhancement can be created on Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat or others. Video or photo enhancement is used to highlight a brand to increase brand awareness.


Another type of Tiktok filter used to enhance the content of a video is the caster filter. The result of this filter is special and unique with a style that cannot be outdated. This explains why you can find it on several social networks including Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Unlike facial animation, the roulette filter is used to enhance the image of a product to increase its visibility. Given their popularity on several social networks, many brands use them to reach out to several prospects.

3D visualisation

Another circuit of record modification filters is the 3D visualization. This type of filter consists of enhancing the environment in which the target was captured. Many users use it on TikTok and Instagram to make their photo and video more captivating. This way, they attract more visitors, thus increasing their visibility in order to publish their product to more people. The 3D visualization filter allows to add integrated animations to the images. This is the creation of a particle, the variation of the movement of a product to make it more visible when advertising.