Sports betting: find out more about 1xbet's Aviator game

It's no surprise that bookmaker 1xBet includes the Aviator game in its offer. This crash game is undoubtedly the most popular of the moment. If you like crash games, you'll definitely enjoy this one. Find out all you need to know about Aviator 1xbet in this article.

Aviator 1xbet game: How to play?

The game is incredibly easy to learn. To avoid spending money learning how to play, we suggest you try the game in demo mode first. The game's plot is simple: at a predetermined time, a plane flies by and disappears from the screen. You need to withdraw your funds before the plane disappears from view and leaves the screen, as the multiplier (odds) increases as the plane flies by. For more information, please visit Therefore, to collect the highest possible winnings, it's important to click on the Cash Out button just before the plane disappears from view. The Cash Out option is available throughout the flight. The same game can be played twice. To get an idea of when the plane will disappear from the screen while you're playing, check the list of recent results.

Discover two essential and unique features in Aviator 1xbet

The autoplay function comes first. The user can specify the odds at which the bet will be closed next to the "bet" option. A customer in a betting store, for example, chooses to close the bet at odds x50. When the plane reaches these odds, Aviator instantly determines the payout. The Aviator game is convenient in that it allows you to control your level of excitement and prevents you from losing money on negative reactions. Even though Aviator can reach x100 and x1000, x50 still offers good returns on both small and large bets. Aviator's second function is statistical. Players have access to a unique "logbook" that the service provider keeps at hand, containing a history of all bets made over the last few days, weeks or months.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Aviator 1xbet?

The Aviator slot at 1xbet is popular for a number of reasons. This video slot's superb gameplay and incredibly simple controls are its main advantages. Determining bet sizes and cashing out winnings quickly, understanding complicated mechanisms and adjusting numerous settings are just a few of the secondary benefits. Even a novice user can quickly learn the rules, despite the fact that they may seem unfamiliar at first. Since this game lacks reels, lines and symbols, it won't appeal to fans of traditional video games with these features, but those who enjoy aviation-related subjects will find it enjoyable. What's more, there's no choice of bonuses.

Other online platforms where you can play Aviator

There are several online platforms where you can play the Aviator game. Here are just a few of the popular platforms:

  • BetFury: BetFury is an online gaming site that offers a wide range of casino games, including Aviator. You can play directly on their website without needing to download anything.
  • Roobet: Roobet is another online gaming platform that allows you to play Aviator among its selection of casino games. They also offer other popular games such as slots, blackjack and roulette.
  • Stake: Stake is an online gaming platform focused on crypto-currencies. They offer a variety of casino games, including Aviator, and accept deposits and withdrawals in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.