Shea butter with lavender oil

To embellish the shea butter, it is possible to add an oil or a flavoring. However, there are all kinds on the market that to the point of mixing the good quality of the bad. In this article, it is about the shea butter with lavender oil.

Constituents of shea butter with lavender oil

Organic shea butter with lavender oil is a purely natural ointment. You can visit this site. To better understand it, we propose you the constitutive elements. First, there are allergens present in the essential oils of shea butter including linalool, limonene, geraniol and coumarin. The majority of the ingredients come from organic farming. These products are certified according to the l-305 standard. This justifies their biological and ecological sides.

Properties and precautions  

The shea butter with lavender oil has various properties. It is necessary to be educated to better exploit it.

Thanks to the properties of the essential oil of lavender, this shea butter will have anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties; 
then, it protects the dry and damaged skins in winter; 
in after sun it allows to rehydrate the skin and to sublimate it; 
it allows to nourish, to make shine and to repair the damaged hair; 
as a daily care product, it prevents skin dryness and promotes cell renewal; 
it prolongs the tan; 
Finally, it protects hair coloring. 
By taking these properties into account, you realize how consumable shea butter with lavender oil is.  
When dealing with lavender oil shea butter, there are some concerns to take. First, it must be kept out of reach of children. Then, it is necessary to avoid any contact with the eyes. Also, it is not recommended for children under the age of seven and for pregnant or nursing women.

Regarding the allergens naturally present in essential oils, we find among others: Linalol, Limonene, geraniol and coumarin.