Clothing trends for summer 2021

The summer period is approaching in small steps and with it, new collections of clothing to spend the hot summer days. This year's fashion week has unveiled fashion lines, invested in particular in the comeback of the 90s and minimalist styles. On the program, clothes to brighten your wardrobe.

Nineties, minimalism or silver?

The frosted style is over. It's time to go back to your closets and bring out the flowery summer outfits. In the best-case scenario, why not treat yourself to the new summer 2021 clothing collections! One of the first trends that could make you happy goes back to the 90s. It is indeed the unisex purity that comes back in a big way, the refined transparency and the varied straps.

Minimalist-inspired, it wears well the forms that it highlights a little more. It must be said that Prada as Sportmax, the brands do not want to miss to make the summer softer. For a bit of whimsy, on the other hand, Vuitton and Burberry have, among other things, relied on mesh coats, pallets, and aerodynamic blades. These Silver ensembles are all about a colorful walk.

Candy, Leather, Mask?

In Candy’s mood, it's a concert of colors that invites itself at home. Thanks to its long and short cuts, the mix is made to give energy to your style. With a Candy dress from Prada, you're sure to have a blast. On the other hand, if the timeless Jean is your favorite this season, don't forget to put a biker jacket over it.

Vuitton, Chanel, and Celine have relied on the cropped jacket to highlight the waist in a Leather mood of the slash style. A plus for this season marked by the health crisis? The mask. This accessory has made a place for itself in this year's summer look, just to reduce discomfort. Still, with the collection, in general, there is something to soften your outfit and make it soft.