What is a battery, and what are its different types?


To start, electronic devices need to have energy. This energy they need is transmitted to them by batteries. It is thus the important element of a device. Today, there are devices that are very powerful. It is therefore necessary to have powerful batteries that can supply these devices. So, there are several types of batteries that are used depending on the power of the device. You can read this article to know more about the batteries.

What are the types of batteries that exist?

With the evolution of technology today, there are several types of batteries available. All you have to do is use the most suitable one for your device. If you check this site, you will have more information. Lead-acid batteries are the first ones that existed. They are used less and less, because they store less energy than other types of batteries, which means that they discharge quickly. They are not ecological and harmful to the environment. We also have Nickel-Cadmium batteries which are rechargeable batteries with a not bad autonomy, but they are prohibited in the European Union to date. Lithium ion batteries have a great storage capacity in a small volume. This type of battery is used in cell phones, laptops... Lithium polymer or Li-Po batteries are another form of lithium ion. They are more expensive than Lithium ion, but their charges are more complex and require a special charger.

What are the elements that make up a battery?

Batteries are composed of several parts. Being made with soft materials, they need a support. This role is played by the lead alloy grids that conduct electricity through the two terminals at the same time. Then we have the electrodes, which form plates when they are with the grid. Finally, we have the electrolyte and the separators of the plates.