Measures to reduce back pain

Known as low back pain or lumbago, chronic back pain is caused by poor posture or aggressive movement. However, you can get rid of it even though it may take time. There are several methods that can help you fight this pain. 


Take a break 

When it comes to severe pain, resting in bed to relieve the distress may seem like a good alternative. Find more tips about his here. This is not necessarily the case even if you have a mattress, which gives you quality sleep. For better control of symptoms, it is best to moderate your activities while being active in a limited way. 

If you can find comfortable positions that allow you to move around, you won't need to sleep well before you recover. When you lie in bed for more than a day, the pain will certainly not pass. It is possible to recover more quickly without bed rest.


Playing sports

To treat your chronic back pain, you can resort to maintaining physical and occupational activities if possible. The fight against your chronic back pain will not be successful if you are immobile, but rather when you make movements. During the first 2 or 3 days, it is normal that you are bedridden. However, this should not be habitual as it is counterproductive. You can do 30 minutes of sports activity at your own pace every day. You don't have to be out of breath, because the objective is to activate your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.



You must first know that painkillers have a moderate effectiveness to make the pain bearable in order to continue your activities. For example, paracetamol is a drug of first choice for the moderation of pain. It is a product whose performance is low but exceeds that of a placebo.