How to install mysql server on windows ?

If you are looking for a database server that can store your different data in separate tables, you will need to download mysql. It is a fast server and improves the flexibility of your system. However, before you can take advantage of its benefits you must install it on your Windows computer.

Download Python 2.7 and install it

The first step is to download the Python 2.7 application. Without this application, downloading mysql will be impossible. To download Python, you must go to the Python download page. Then you need to go to the official Python website in the browser tab of your computer.  In the tab, you will see Download Python in English language. Then click on the download icon by double clicking. You must then click on the Yes answer to approve your download. This part makes sure you really want to proceed with the download. For more information about Python, hop over to this site. Also, don't forget to accept the license terms that will appear on your screen. Please keep in mind that only the Python 2.7 application will work with mysql. So avoid Python 3.

Download the data server

Once the Python 2.7 application is downloaded, you can now download your mysql data server. The first step is to go to the browser on your computer. This will take you to the mysql download site. Please download the community server version. Then click on download. To be sure, click on the blue button at the bottom. After this step, scroll down on your computer screen and click on the answer No thank you and please continue your download. 
Then double click and accept the terms of acceptance. Then click on next and check the complete box. 
You will find the word next several times, click on it and then run. A few minutes of patience and your mysql download will be installed. And now you can enjoy the benefits of this server database. You can then create a password for maximum security.